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"Free Your Mind, ONE Step at a Time!" - Marci


Hey!  I'm Marci.
Nice to Meet You!

God-Girl, Wife, Mom, Grandma, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Orchid Whisperer, Believer in YOU and Motivational Speaker

My name is Marci Nettles and I'm here to Believe in YOU until you are able to Believe in Yourself!

I am the wife of Dr. Dondee Nettles, Mother of 4 great kids in our blended family, and grandmother to 3 amazing grandkids! My husband Dondee and I are also Chaplains to the Business Mountain.

My career of choice was in Law-Enforcement before my life drastically pivoted in 2009, after an on-duty car accident ended my career...  

I'm Just Me

And that is enough! 

As I believe...

You are enough just because you ARE!



Orchid Whisperer



"Free Your Mind, ONE Step at a Time!"

Start Your Journey


Ry Fry

Global Entrepreneur, Author


I have found Marci to be bright, motivated, and inspirational.  She doesn't allow life's trials to hinder her from experiencing her best life now, and she has a strong desire to help others do the same!  The compassion she shows  is above and beyond anyone's expectations, and she is consistent in the way she treats others regardless of their standing in life.  Marci exudes encouragement and goes out of her way to be a blessing to others.  She is a woman of faith, wisdom and blessing.

Loraine Coleman

Author, Pastor, Counselor


Marci Nettles is LIFE!!!  

Having the pleasure of doing business together for over a decade, I’ve gained an incredible trusted friendship. I love watching her lead, laugh, play, pray, create and so much more!! I’ve found Marci to be a safe place to fall, someone to mastermind with as a visionary, and an incredible leader when it’s time to GO!  She is an inspiration, and a person who truly cares about everyone she comes into contact with. You feel seen, heard, and important.  Marci is a gift to all!

Michelle Poe 
Global Entrepreneur, Life Coach

Screen Shot 2022-08-14 at 8.23.23 PM.png

Marci and I met via a Facebook connection, her pictures and profile were incredibly welcoming.  We connected and her profile matched her personality to a tee.  Marci radiates faith and positivity.   She believes in helping to bring the best out in everyone she meets.  You cannot meet Marci without smiling or wanting her to be in your corner.  Her energy is captivating and her soul is pure joy.  Anyone would be blessed to work with Marci.  Above all, Marci truly loves people and helping them achieve success.  

Mike Potekhen

Brand & Communication Coach


I have known Marci Nettles for over a decade now.  She is one of the most authentic and giving people I know.  Her passion for helping people succeed is truly her “Super Power”.  If you ever have the chance to work with Marci you will not be disappointed!  

She has mastered the ability to be an amazing leader simply by caring for people! I have loved watching her grow into the role as a leader, a mom, a wife and someone  you can always count on!

Peggy DiSalle

CEO at


True leaders, in my estimation, are motivated by servanthood rather than by ego.  And, that mission of service to others is what continually drives Marci Nettles. Her personal journey is inspiring.  She shares openly the traumas and tragedies that nearly ended her life as well as her courageous, transformational path going forward.


That personal journey—faith and strength of belief—guides her in coaching. Without judgment, she sees the good and brilliance of every person she meets.  She is there to assist and to lend her faith to others until they can believe in themselves.


I feel blessed to call Marci Maughan Nettles a friend, colleague and mentor.

Dr. Gloria Waterhouse 
Clinical Psychologist, Author

"Free Your Mind, ONE Step at a Time!"

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Thanks so much! I look forward to connecting!

"Free Your Mind, ONE Step at a Time!" 

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