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"Telling Your Story" Coaching

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Your story can either be your prison cell, your badge of shame, OR your super power, and no one decides but YOU. Why should people learn to tell your story? Because people are moved by emotionally-charged stories. People become dreamers again through uplifting stories of HOPE. People are inspired by against the odds stories. Think about it... the most successful motion picture franchises in history, have told the greatest stories and impacted all ages. The Star Wars saga, Matrix series, Toy Story, Frozen, etc. We've all been moved by these stories. YOUR story, once you get comfortable living it and telling others about it, could be the exact reason someone's life changes for the better, FOREVER! Just think of how good it would feel when someone tells you that your story changed everything for them and gave them something to live for again! Let me take you on a journey of developing your story, repositioning it's meaning, taking ownership and releasing the super power it holds. You will be so glad you did!

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