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From Rebellion to Running from GOD to Redeemed | A Transforming Testimony | Abbey Walters | PART 2


Today I will be sharing with you PART 2 of Abbey Walter story. If you haven't watched or read PART 1, please do that right now. You do not want to miss one second of this incredible story.

The You're Blank, What Now? podcast aims to offer hope and community, encouraging listeners that they are not alone and can find joy and breakthrough from chaos. I am the host, Marci Nettles.

Abbey Walter's Story: Part Two

Abbey recounts the period following her boyfriend's tragic death from a heroin overdose laced with fentanyl. She speaks about meeting Zach, her future husband, at a low point in her life. Despite her initial resistance and hopelessness, Zach's presence brought unexpected joy and laughter, giving her a glimmer of hope in her darkest times.

Finding Light in Darkness

Abbey describes how Zach made her laugh for the first time in 30 days, sparking a sense of hope amidst her misery. She shares the deep despair she felt after her boyfriend's death and how close she came to ending her own life. Zach's ability to bring light into her life marked the beginning of her healing process.

Developing Friendship

Abbey and Zach's relationship started as a long-lasting friendship before turning romantic. They met in May 2016 but did not start dating until December 2016. During this period, both dated other people but maintained a close bond. Abbey talks about her interests, which align more with traditionally male activities, and how she encouraged self-sufficiency among her friends, promoting home-cooked meals and self-care practices like doing nails at home.

Blended Family and Health Struggles

Abbey and Zach eventually married and formed a blended family. I am amazed by Abby's mothering skills, she treats all the children as her own. Abbey shares her ongoing struggles with physical wellness, which began shortly after her marriage in 2018. She experienced severe health issues, including unexplained weight loss and gastrointestinal problems, leading to a diagnosis of severe food and environmental allergies and Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE), a rare condition more commonly found in children.

Adapting to a New Lifestyle

Abbey discusses how she had to adapt to her health condition, which required significant lifestyle changes, such as wearing an N95 mask outdoors before it became common due to the pandemic. She had to leave a job she loved due to her health issues and has since focused on natural remedies and a holistic approach to managing her condition, avoiding medications with severe side effects.

Exploring Natural Remedies

Abbey explores natural remedies and a more holistic approach to her health, emphasizing the benefits of God's pharmacy. She shares her morning routine, which includes a concoction of lemon juice and cayenne pepper to alleviate nausea and stomach pain. Despite her newfound interest in natural remedies, she struggled with her faith, questioning why God made her sick.

Family Tragedies and Faith Struggles

Abbey's journey took a significant turn at the start of the pandemic. She got pregnant in 2021 and faced severe illness during her pregnancy. Her grandfather's death in 2021, following the birth of her son, brought unresolved anger and resentment to the surface. Abbey learned that her grandmother's death, which she had previously believed to be from natural causes, was actually the result of a drunk driving accident involving an off-duty police officer. This revelation profoundly impacted her perception of God and her struggles with faith.

Realization and Doubt

After learning the true cause of her grandmother's death, Abbey experienced a profound shift in her beliefs. She realized that her anger towards God was misplaced, leading her to reconsider her faith in Buddhism. Abbey began to doubt the Buddhist concepts of death and reincarnation, finding them increasingly implausible. This period of doubt transitioned into an agnostic outlook, where she acknowledged a creator but did not seek a relationship with them. Abbey's interest in conspiracy theories and ancient knowledge led her to notice commonalities among various mythologies and religions, which sparked her curiosity about the origins of these stories and their connections to biblical accounts.

Exploring Religious Commonalities

Abbey continued her exploration, focusing on the similarities among the major religions—Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, and Islam. She noticed that Christianity, Catholicism, and Judaism shared many core beliefs, but she found discrepancies within Catholicism that distanced it from the other two. Her research into archaeological findings, such as the remnants of Sodom and Gomorrah and chariot wheels in the Red Sea, reinforced her belief in the biblical narratives. This led her to consider Judaism as potentially holding the true religious beliefs. However, her enthusiasm waned, and she found herself back at square one, confused and uncertain about her spiritual path.

Spiritual Conflict and Witchcraft

A year later, Abbey describes her affinity for horror and macabre themes, which extended to her tattoos and interests, including dabbling in witchcraft. However, her deeper involvement in witchcraft revealed its connections to true Satanism, which disturbed her. She recognized that despite her attempts to ignore it, signs continually pointed her back to God. Abbey recounts an intense moment at work where she felt an overwhelming sense of panic, as if the world was ending. This experience left her frozen and terrified, feeling an inexplicable warmth as though someone was holding her.

A Divine Encounter

During this moment of intense panic, Abbey heard her name called out loud and received a clear message: "Abbey, you need to repent now. The time is soon. You know the truth and the way. Repent, repent, repent." This divine encounter marked a pivotal moment in her spiritual journey, compelling her to confront her beliefs and reconsider her relationship with God.

Divine Revelation and Social Media Shift

After her profound spiritual encounter, Abbey began to notice significant changes in her social media feeds. Content related to the Bible and Christian teachings started appearing, despite her previous interests not aligning with this type of material. Abbey felt this was a divine intervention, guiding her towards Christian content creators like Ruslan and Kirby Ministries. She was surprised and intrigued by the sudden influx of Christian messages, which led her to start exploring the Bible and the teachings of Jesus more deeply.

A Month of Spiritual Exploration

For a month and a half, Abbey engaged in nightly conversations with God, seeking to understand His nature and presence. She began reading the Bible daily, initially through a Bible app. During this period, she experienced a transformative moment when she prayed for a sign from God involving a bouquet of flowers her husband had given her. She asked God to make a seemingly dead lily bloom as a sign of His existence and truth. To her astonishment, the lily bloomed the next day, reaffirming her faith and leading her to a deeper commitment to Jesus.

Public Declaration of Faith

Abbey’s encounter with the blooming lily solidified her decision to dedicate her life to Jesus. She shared her experience with her husband, who was surprised by her sudden change, given their previously shared distance from organized religion. Abbey reflected on her past experiences with church and the pain of not experiencing true Christ-like love, which had initially turned her away from faith. Despite these challenges, she realized that God had always been present in her life, guiding her back to Him.

Reconnecting with Past Influences

Abbey began to see how God had been present throughout her life, including through a children’s TV show song that she would sing during tough times, which she later found out was a Bible verse (Philippians 4:4). She also reconnected with old acquaintances who had found faith, strengthening her community and support system. Abbey expressed her commitment to her new path, recognizing that God had always been planting seeds of faith in her heart, even when she tried to deny His presence.

Born Again and New Beginnings

Abbey described the concept of being born again as a transformative experience of baptism, symbolizing the death of the old self and the rebirth into a new life in Christ. She shared her own baptism experience, noting the significant change in her life and the reactions of those around her. Abbey emphasized that despite her past actions and doubts, Jesus had sought her out, offering her a place in His kingdom and a sense of belonging and purpose.

The Power of Forgiveness

Abbey shared her struggle with guilt over an abortion she had, believing it to be an unforgivable sin. However, through her encounter with God and the blooming lily, she felt assured of His forgiveness. She recounted naming the unborn child Zion Raphael, feeling a deep sense of peace knowing she would meet him one day. Abbey highlighted the profound impact of understanding that sin is sin in God’s eyes, and genuine repentance and forgiveness are always possible through Jesus.

The Relationship with Jesus

Abbey reflected on the peace and comfort she found in her relationship with Jesus, spending time in prayer and Bible reading each night. She acknowledged the loss of some friends due to her newfound faith but emphasized the importance of her relationship with God over societal acceptance. Abbey’s journey taught her the depth of true Christianity, which she now understood as a personal relationship with Jesus rather than just a religion.

Embracing Faith Amidst Challenges

Abbey recognized that while her life might not become easier, her burdens felt lighter knowing she could rely on God. She spoke about the challenges of living in a world where people have free will, but stressed that faith in Jesus provided her with peace and the ability to cope with life’s difficulties. Abbey encouraged others to seek forgiveness and build a relationship with Jesus, highlighting the transformative power of His love and grace.

A New Perspective on Illness

Abbey shared her struggle with a severe illness that had previously made her question God. However, her perspective shifted, and she started thanking God for the available medicines and improvements in her condition. She recounted a specific prayer asking for relief from vomiting, which she felt was miraculously answered, as she hasn't experienced it since. Despite her ongoing health challenges, Abbey continued to express gratitude and glorify God, acknowledging His role in her healing journey.

Faith and Healing

I began to affirm her belief in God's power to heal and I pray nightly for Abbey's complete healing. While acknowledging that healing might not come immediately, both me and Abbey expressed our unwavering faith and gratitude towards God, regardless of the circumstances. We emphasized the importance of trusting in God's plan and praising Him, even in difficult times.

Seeking God Authentically

Abbey advised those questioning God's existence to genuinely seek Him out. She emphasized the importance of earnest prayer and seeking a true relationship with God. Quoting Matthew 6:33, she encouraged listeners to prioritize their relationship with God, promising that everything else would fall into place. Abbey acknowledged that following God might require sacrifices but assured listeners that the rewards, including peace and a sense of purpose, are worth it.

Connecting with Abby

Abbey social media handles are:

She mentioned that she intentionally left her old photos depicting her past involvement with witchcraft and satanic imagery to highlight her transformation. Abbey's journey from darkness to light serves as a testament to God's transformative power, and she hopes to inspire others to seek a relationship with God.

Gratitude and Final Thoughts

I want you to join me in thanking Abbey for sharing her redemption story, as I know that will make a positive impact on all of you listeners. I often pray for my children to be blessed with good influences that lead them towards God. I want to remind you all again the importance of faith, and you MUST BELIEVE that God is the truth, the light, and the way. Abbey then immediately expressed her hope that her story would help at least one person, underscoring the potential for redemption and a better life through faith.

Closing Remarks

I appreciate you all and I want to encourage you to subscribe, leave reviews, and share this blog. Community is important so please join my newletter and stay connected for more inspiring stories, just like this one.

- Marci

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