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You’re A Woman Over 50, What Now? Overcome Challenges in Your 50s and Beyond Embracing the Kingdom Mindset

Updated: May 12

Dang it.

Life has just gotten so hard.

Weight gain, brain fog, emotional swings, hot flashes pimples like you’re 13. Bad or no sleep, night sweats, aches and pains, swollen ankles, wrinkles, sagging skin, no energy, just plain tired all of the time. Loss of muscle. Did I mention weight gain? It's like your metabolism went on an extended vacation. Reading glasses for everything. Confusion around who you are.

Are you a mom?

Are you a grandma?

Do your kids even respect you anymore?

Your confidence has hit rock bottom and your hair is starting to thin.

Sex is the furthest thing from your mind, and yet your husband….

Hormone therapy? You just wish you could go back and do so many things again, like parenting.

The shame and guilt are real.

Do you even recognize who you are anymore?

Who are you anyway?

Not to mention, when did you take on this body that seems to be betraying you every step of the way.

These are just some of the things that come with aging in your 50’s and beyond.

Hi there Maturing Ladies!

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Marci Nettles, your over 50 friend that is willing to talk about all of it. With a desire to give you hope of entering and navigating the best years of your life, not alone, together with others just like you,  women that are older than you, your same age, and even younger ladies. We are women that want to be and do more, find our purposes, and have fun doing it.

There's going to be a strong focus on three areas of life: Kingdom Health, Kingdom Business, and Kingdom Lifestyle.

You may be thinking… “what the heck is that Marci? There isn't anything in my life that looks like a kingdom.

Let me briefly explain.

Kingdom Health, Kingdom Business, and Kingdom Lifestyle is a way of living designed and directed by God to establish guidance, boundaries for protection, healing through God's pharmacy, and open up freedom that cannot be experienced in our health, businesses, or our lifestyles without The Kingdom.

If you have been experiencing less than optimal in these three areas, you need to lean into this guidance, and then take the opportunity to pivot to a Kingdom Mindset.

Why do I know this pivot is so important?

Well, I lived the first 40 years of my life with shame and guilt and made decisions based off of foundational beliefs that were developed about myself when I was only 13 years old. “I don't matter! No one cares! So why should I say no?” Decisions for 40 years were based off of that foundation. These decisions led to childhood trauma, loss of trust and belief in myself and the world. Three marriages to the wrong man and three divorces all while I was raising my beautiful babies with the example that would lead them into the same pain.

Control became my safe place and led to a career in law enforcement that put me in a hard environment that reinforced I was the only one I could count on. A car accident on duty, a brain injury, three spine surgeries and four suicide attempts led me to a place where God stepped in. And I finally learned what it meant to have a relationship with Him.

Looking back, I can see how he was chasing me the whole time putting pieces back together after I broke them. And it was finally time for me to let him take me from Broken to Belonging his way, the Kingdom Way.

I know that what God does for one person he will do for every person that chooses His way. So please choose to go on this journey with me to learn The Kingdom Way that will set you free. It will remove the limits that have been placed on your life and allow you to achieve everything you have ever dreamed of.

The topics of conversation are going to be focused on:

  • your physical body

  • how you can thrive in your life

  • your finances

  • how your beliefs and thoughts are keeping you from abundance and what to do about it

  • the lifestyle that will lead you to the fulfillment you seek for yourself and for your family

  • what happens to your energy in your 50’s

  • how to build new belief in your ever changing life identity

  • your crazy menopausal body and the relationships that matter most

  • how to navigate the identity crisis that comes with this changing season of life

  • where did your competence go?

  • why can't you do the things that you used to do the same way used to be able to do them

  • how to release the shame and guilt that comes along when we are stuck looking in the rearview mirror

  • tips on nutrition, activation and body movement for a thriving over 50s body

  • the mindset it takes to thrive in your 50s and beyond

I will even be sharing some great outside the box ideas that will help you have the best years of your life ahead of you while you help others along the way and overcome challenges as a woman over 50. If you choose to follow along with me on this journey, you will also be given access to top resources and communities that will create an environment of fun and support that is exactly what you need and had been looking for to fully enjoy your life again

If you are as ready as I am for this, let's look a little deeper at a few of these topics and what you will be able to expect from me over the coming months.

First, energy is life.

We want to be the best wives, parents, grandparents, friends, leaders and mentors as we possibly can. If we don't have the energy, how can we be our best selves? Our bodies are changing and embracing the change will simplify and expedite our journey into the best season of life.

I will be sharing great ideas and tips on how you can reclaim your natural energy stores from your body through mindset, nutrition, sleep, gratitude, balancing your brain chemistry and fighting addictions to chemical caffeine and sugar utilizing God's pharmacy in place of chemical dependency.

Second, belief is the launching pad to success in anything you want in your life you hadn't before.

You were young and inexperienced and bold enough to do things you had never done before then suddenly things started to change and you started to feel a bit out of control.

Life is not to be controlled, it is to be experienced.

We will be diving into building belief in yourself and your changing body, your mind the ability to dream beyond your childish fantasies, the wisdom you have earned through the years, and most importantly, belief in God. As we build this belief, you will begin to understand the power of your mindset and the hope that comes when you give yourself permission to embrace the change, open up to new opportunities, and recognize the strength you have gained while embracing the beauty of your bruises.

Third, Identity.

One of the most important parts of this journey we are going to take is coming to know who you truly are. You have been through challenges in all areas of life. So we have to look at all areas of your life. Spiritual, psychological, social, physical, financial, - yeah, your relationship with money - marital, and even parental.

As we break these areas down to see how your identity has changed over time, we will find the hope and direction to release the shame and the guilt, the rejection and the judgment and the limited mindset that leads to life not worth living.

You will be set free to live the most fulfilling, loving and fun life that is full of being and doing everything you would ever imagined.

I know the struggles that come with aging are real. And I know that together we can face the challenges and conquer each of them one step at a time.

Please know that I love you. God loves you and you are about to start an epic journey to the best years of your life.


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