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A Dream About My MOM has Changed My Life | from Broken to Belonging | New Season

Updated: 3 days ago

Have you ever wondered what exactly happened in your life to bring you to where you are today? Have you felt that all the experiences, traumas, and grief you endured kept you from achieving everything you’ve ever wanted? That was my story too, and now, as a woman over 50, I want to share it with you.


I'm here to talk about my life, hoping to give you hope and guidance as we navigate the best years of our lives together. Whether you're older, my age, or younger, we are women who want to be and do more, to find our purpose and enjoy the journey.

This is new for me, and I’m nervous. I’m opening my diary to you, reflecting on my life in ways I’ve never shared before. I’m at a point where my maturity and relationship with God have given me a new perspective, a kingdom mindset. I now see that life’s events didn’t just happen to me—they happened for me, shaping who I am today and enabling me to share my story with you.

A Dream's Revelation

I don’t often remember my dreams, but when I do, I pay attention. Recently, I had a dream that felt significant. It’s midnight in Arizona, and the summer heat is already intense, but I want to share this dream with you.

In my dream, I purchased a house that my mother had built. This house overlooked Kelly Park in Idaho, a place filled with childhood memories—softball games, family reunions. As I explored the house, I saw my mom’s cherished knickknacks, her clothes, and her jewelry. Everything fit me perfectly, evoking a mix of nostalgia and sadness, as I lost my mom 32 years ago when I was just 20 and seven months pregnant with my first child.

The dream culminated in a powerful moment: I looked in a mirror and saw my mom’s reflection. I woke up, puzzled and reflective, and shared the dream with my husband. To my surprise, he offered to interpret it, reminding me of the biblical story of Joseph, who interpreted dreams and changed lives.

My Husband's Interpretation

My husband’s interpretation was profound. He suggested that the house symbolized me, built by my mother with her love, teachings, and way of living. By purchasing the house, I was taking ownership of the life she helped build in me, ready to carry it forward into the next season of my life.

This interpretation resonated deeply. I felt my mother’s presence and a sense of release and permission to move forward. Our relationship had been tumultuous during my teenage years, and I missed her guidance through many life milestones. But now, I realize that she has always been with me, influencing my life even in her absence.

Moving Forward with a Kingdom Mindset

This dream marked a turning point. In a previous dream years ago, I wasn’t ready to accept the house and its symbolism. Now, with a deeper relationship with Jesus and a kingdom mindset, I am ready to embrace and own my past, seeing it as a foundation for my future.

As a maturing lady reflecting on my life, I see that my experiences, including losing my mom, were part of a larger plan. They have equipped me to share my journey with you, to help you see that your experiences can also be used for a greater purpose.

Embracing Vulnerability and Connection

I’ve entered a new season with my mom, fueled by her memory and the lessons she instilled in me. This realization has energized me to move forward, sharing my story with a kingdom mindset, encompassing kingdom health, business, and lifestyle.

I’ll be sharing my diary from the driver’s seat, literally, in my car. This setting feels comfortable and intimate, like I’m talking to a friend. I hope you join me on this journey. In the next post, I’ll delve into my relationship with my dad, exploring how it shaped me and what I’ve learned from both my earthly father and my heavenly Father.

Let’s empower each other, lift each other up, and move forward into the purposes God has for us. Each challenge we face plays a part in this journey.

Thank you for being here and for embracing my vulnerability. Together, we can navigate this journey with hope and purpose. Stay tuned for more reflections and revelations as we continue this series.

See you soon!


*P.S. Don’t miss the next post where I’ll share about my “dad hurts” and the healing journey that followed.*


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